Evan steals photos

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Picture stolen from my computer by Evan Iliadis



Another stolen picture.

Evan’s Tribute Lies

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Justin Aldredge, Evan’s friend, knew of my problems with a guy who made  confessions of child abuse. Justin got in some argument with this guy and went all out to slander and get him deported. He printed the confession and mailed it to the boys parents. I have no idea how he got the address. Justin wanted to link me up with Evan on his crusade of lies and slander against expats. I was lucky, I found out early on that my name was being used to make fake post on Topics and other Forums. I had already mailed Evan to tell him it seemed that he had a thing against all Philippine expats. I told him I wanted out and the very next day he had his “Tribute Page” to me on his blog. This was just another example of Evan tactics.
The mails about the Congressman really worried me and I made two trips to his office to explain it was not me. A Congressman in your district is not a person to be slandering, it is asking for trouble and I would never do it.
I was slandered and lied about and tried to fight back but was way out classed with his internet skills. I avoid any argument on the net now, you never know who you are dealing with on the other end.
The people who know me, know what type person I am and that I would not slander or lie about another. Those who think different, this is in no way meant to change your mind.

Evan Ilidias-The Truth about a Stalker

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A Stalker
It is a very sad thing that some feel they must hurt and lie about others. Many people, including me, have found themselves the victim this person. Our lives should be to help and build up our fellow mankind. I would refer the reader here:



I have no idea what happened with Evan when he lived here. He married a Filipino and has children with her. Whatever happened, it left him very bitter toward Expats that live. I have never met him. Most all the people on his blog he has never met and would not know if he passed on the street. Wouldn’t it be a good thing if Evan spent as much time helping and building people up. Maybe you believe this too. “What goes around, comes around”.

View Evan Iliadis, the greatest Hate Mailer of all time.

From Christopher Bennetts

Evan Iliadis started his internet stalking activities long before he added me to his list of victims and there have been many more since me.

The site evaniliadis.info provides a profile of a sad and biter 60 year old that recognizes his life has been one big failure and with no real friends this lonely sociopath has turned to the internet to try to give his life some purpose.

The only release from his pathetic and meaningless existence for this sexually impotent and frustrated sociopath is the fantasy that he is on a mission to clean up the expat community of the Philippines. The reality is he just wants to project his own misery and suffering on others. He will be in denial as he reads this but deep down he will know it’s the truth…

Profile of Evan Iliadis (based on information submitted to evaniliadis.info)

>> Fraudulent Business Activities
>>Misappropriated Rotary Funds meant to feed hungry children
>>Engaged in sexual abuse of underage boys on Bohol Island
>>Suffers from Delusions of Grandeur
>>Hepatitis C (passed on to his two boys)
>>On medication that is known to cause Psychiatric Symptoms
>>Homosexual tendances
>>Sexually Impotent

More by Chris Bennetts, go here:


How to Stop Hate Mail
By Jonathan Peters, eHow Contributor
updated: January 14, 2010

Hate mail is a growing threat–no longer relegated to a mailbox, in today’s digital age it can come by way of e-mail, text messages, or even through a Facebook or MySpace account. Often anonymous, it can contain threats; criticism; or racist or sexist language. There are no sure means to stop all hate mail, but there are ways to deal with it.

Do not respond. Often, the best possible response is to put the hate mail out of your mind. It is difficult to let go of hateful words, but this can be the best way to get past them (see Resources below). The misstep that many people make is to respond in kind to the hate mail. This is a big mistake. Do not stoop to the writer’s level. It may be easy to respond and exchange hateful emails, but this will only stoke that writer’s interest in you. You may be hurt, but there are other, more constructive ways to deal with hate mail.
Changing your contact information is often a most effective step. Of course, because that decision is often irreversible, make sure the hate communication has reached a level you can no longer tolerate. If the hate mail is appearing as cell phone texts, change your number. If an e-mail, change your e-mail address and let your closest friends and family know to update their address books. If this is a work or school address, perhaps you can switch your mailbox. If this is a home address, consider having your mail forwarded to a post office box.

Hate mail (as electronic, posted, or otherwise) is a form of harassment, usually consisting of invective and potentially intimidating or threatening comments towards the recipient. Hate mail often contains exceptionally abusive, foul or otherwise hurtful language.

The recipient may receive disparaging remarks concerning the subject’s ethnicity, sexuality, religion, intelligence, political ideology, sense of ethics, or sense of aesthetics. The text of hate mail often contains profanity, or it may simply contain a negative, disappropriating message.

Forensic linguists have increasingly been called upon to identify authorship of hate mail. See for example ‘Wordcrime’ a case file series by John Olsson, UK forensic linguist, which details several cases.
American Psychological Association

People who commit hate crimes “are not psychotic, but they’re consistently very troubled, very disturbed, very problematic members of our community who pose a huge risk for future violence,” according to Dr. Edward Dunbar, a psychologist at UCLA who has studied hate crime perpetrators from a clinical and forensic perspective. Dunbar also notes that childhood histories of such offenders show high levels of parental or caretaker abuse and use of violence to solve family problems.

Alcohol and drugs sometimes help fuel these crimes, but the main determinant seems to be personal prejudice, which distorts people’s judgment, blinding them to the immorality of what they are doing.

People who commit bias crimes are more likely to deliberate and plan their attacks than those who commit other types of crimes, Dunbar adds. In addition, those who commit hate crimes show a history of such actions, beginning with smaller incidents and moving up to more serious ones.

As for those who bear the brunt of these vicious acts, they tend to suffer emotional damage, often with the hallmarks of post-traumatic stress disorder. Hate crimes can create intense feelings of vulnerability, anger and depression.

portions copied from

Sharon Stephens Brehm, PhD was President of the American Psychological Association
What is an Internet stalker?

At its mildest, a stalker is simply a troll that has attached itself to an individual. At worst, boring, at best, flattering. Find out about trolls. But a stalker can be a serious predator, using the Internet to pursue a real or imagined vendetta, or other perverted agenda. Risk assessment is an essential first step.
How dangerous is it?

Start by thinking about who it is; is it someone you have simply upset on the Internet, someone with whom you’ve had a relationship? Is it someone you knew before, or have met in the real world?

Think about where you see it – newsgroups? forums? chat rooms? email?

What does it say? Is it a matter of direct insults? Is it lies and rumors? Does it reveal information not generally known that you want kept secret?

When – and how often – does it appear?

How is it threatening? Is it simply annoying, or do you fear direct contact, betrayal or what? Think about the worst it can do … how bad is that?

Why are you being stalked – is it simply spite and boredom, is it envy or resentment? Have you done anytghing thast you think may have set it off?

Once you can answer these questions, you will have a clearer idea of what you are dealing with, and how quickly you may need to act.

Internet Security

Back-up Data – Savvy computer users are aware of the importance of keeping their data safe and away from internet security attacks and regularly perform back ups. You can back up your data on an external data storage device such is CD, memory stick or external hard drive. The device you use will depend on the data size. The overall idea is that if anything happens to your primary data, you can always retrieve them from somewhere.

File sharing- Another very important thing to be avoided is files with strangers. This makes your computer internet security vulnerable as the files form other computer users may contain malicious infections that without a good anti-virus internet security can potentially destroy your computer or steal sensitive information. Make sure you turn off and disable file-sharing if it is not needed.

Disconnecting from the Internet- It is additional prevention so whenever you internet is not in use just simply disconnect form internet. It lessens the possibility of cyber criminals passing your internet security.

Update security patches- Computer programs sometimes contain bugs that can be an entrance to your computer for any malicious person to attack and potentially harm your computer. Therefore, it is very important to regularly update your security patches and increase.

Maintain up to date antivirus software firewall- Good antivirus software and firewall are crucial components of your arsenal to increase internet security that will protect your computer from attacks. Make sure to keep your anti-virus program and firewall up to date.

To learn more about the best antivirus software, and firewall please visit the anti spyware review site. To learn how to speed up your computer download the free e-book “Step-by-Step- Turtle to Rabbit Performing Computer” Click Here! You will learn exactly how I improved my computer performance and saved $$$$. Wish you all the best.